The Rules Have Changed:

Invest In A World
Of Untapped Assets

Digitally invest in exclusive high-yield, safe, and insured assets for as low as $1, from any part of the world.

100M+ Assets Tokenized
300+ Years of Combined Experience in Traditional Assets

What do we offer?

img Invest Like the Elite

Unlock a world of exclusive investment opportunities previously reserved for high-net-worth individuals. Own a piece of income-generating assets like cargo ships and helicopters through our secure tokenization platform.

img Break Free from the Ordinary

Tired of stagnant returns and limited options? We offer a revolutionary approach to investing. Invest in real-world assets with the potential for high yields and capital appreciation.

img Invest on Your Terms

Unlike traditional investments, our platform empowers you with flexibility and control. Invest in assets you believe in, with the freedom to sell your tokens on our secure secondary market at any time.

img Safety & Security First

We prioritize your peace of mind. Our platform utilizes industry-leading security protocols and blockchain technology to safeguard your investments.

img Your Gateway to Financial Freedom

Take charge of your financial future with our innovative investment platform. Invest in assets that align with your goals and empower yourself to achieve financial independence.

img Join a Thriving Community

You're not alone. Become part of a community of forward-thinking investors who are redefining wealth creation. Share insights, learn from each other, and unlock your full potential together.

How to get started

Create an account

Get your account set up in 3 minutes and begin to explore a world of tokenized real-world assets.


Choose assets you believe in and buy as many tokens within your budget.


Sit back and watch your investment grow from any part of the world in your dashboard.


Choose whether to hold and earn or resell your tokens in a way that fits your financial target.

Will I seriously make money?

High-Yield Assets

Say goodbye to mediocre returns. Our curated portfolio of tokenized assets offers the potential for significantly higher yields compared to traditional investments. Think of steady income streams that fuel your financial future.

Inflation-Proof Assets

Beat the inflation game. Invest in assets that historically hold their value. Our offerings act as a hedge against inflation, ensuring your purchasing power remains strong.

Continuous Revenue Generation

Income that never sleeps. Invest in assets that are designed to generate regular income. Cargo ships deliver goods, helicopters provide services – you benefit from their ongoing activity with consistent payouts hitting your account.

Long-Term Capital Appreciation:

Watch your investment grow. Our assets are strategically chosen for their proven track record of value increase. By owning a piece, you're not just earning income today, you're investing in a future of potential growth.


For Both Investors and Asset Owners:

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How secure is the UNUMS platform?
How do I track the performance of my tokenized asset?

For Asset Owners:

Do I retain ownership of my asset after tokenization?
What happens to my asset during the tokenization process?
Can I choose the minimum investment amount for my tokenized asset?

For Investors:

What are the risks associated with investing in tokenized assets?
What is the liquidity of tokenized assets on UNUMS?
How do I qualify as an investor on the UNUMS platform?
What resources does UNUMS offer to help investors learn more about tokenized assets?

Why us?

At UNUMS, we believe everyone deserves the chance to build wealth.

  • That's why we're shattering the status quo by tokenizing high-yield real-world assets, making them accessible to anyone.

  • Invest alongside the elite in income-generating giants and inflation-proof assets.

  • Here, you own a piece of the future, with the potential for long-term growth and inflation-proof security.

  • This isn't just investing, it's financial empowerment.

  • Join us and rewrite the rules of wealth creation.

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Are you ready for the future?